1. Where can I obtain HK IPO information?

Whenever there is any new HK IPOs open for subscription, you can find its offering information under the "IPO".

2. Where can I obtain the Prospectus of the HK IPO?

An electronic copy of the HK IPO Prospectus can be accessed through the IPO subscription process in Magpie Securities App.

3. Can I apply for any number of shares I want to?


You can only apply for the number of shares as specified in the Prospectus. Details please refer to Prospectus. It specifies the correct subscription amount for different number of shares based on the offer price.

4. Will I get all the shares I apply for?

This depends on the popularity of the offer and the status of the market. If the IPO is oversubscribed, the allotment is generally made by way of balloting based on the basis determined by the listed company.

This means that you may receive only a fraction of the shares you applied for. You may also be allotted with more or fewer shares than others who have applied for the same number of shares. It is also possible that you are not allotted any shares at all.

5. What is the allotment basis?

The allotment basis depends on the number of valid applications for subscription for the IPO shares. Normally, the share registrar appointed by the issuing company first screens out multiple, incomplete or wrongly filled applications, e.g. the number of shares applied for is in an amount other than those specified in the application form. For the public tranche, shares are allotted to the investors under no preferential terms.