Terms and Conditions of MGM Program:

  1. Promotional period: from 13 Nov 2021 to 28 Feb 2022 (both dates inclusive).

2. An existing client (Referrer) of Magpie Securities Limited (the Company) refers a relative or friend (Referee) to open a global margin account, and the relative or friend who must be a New Client, deposits at least HK$10,000/US$1,400, and completes a transaction within 30 calendar days after the account is successfully opened (must not be stocks rewarded by the Company), the Referrer can receive the following rewards, the more the referral, the more the rewards!

No. of friends introduced Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
The 1-3 friend 1 share Aston Martin Per Succesful Referral $200 Apple Store Gift Card Per Succesful Referral $200 Wellcome Supermarket Coupon Per Succesful Referral
The 4-6 friend 2 shares Aston Martin Per Succesful Referral $350 Apple Store Gift Card Per Succesful Referral $350 Wellcome Supermarket Coupon Per Succesful Referral
The 7th friend or above 3 shares Aston Martin Per Succesful Referral $500 Apple Store Gift Card Per Succesful Referral $500 Wellcome Supermarket Coupon Per Succesful Referral

Take Aston Martin as an example, Referrer will receive 7 shares of Aston Martin which values over HK$1,400 if they successfully refer 5 friends. Invite families and friends to get more rewards.

3. The Company will send an email to notify the Referrer to receive the reward within 15 working days after the Referrer and the Referee meet the specified conditions. After having received the "Referral Reward Redemption Form", the Company will take around 10 working days to distribute the rewards.

4. The Referrer needs to confirm and submit the "Referral Reward Redemption Form" within 14 working days. If the Company does not receive the Referrer’s response within 14 working days, it will be defaulted as choosing Aston Martin share as the referral reward.

5. Distribution arrangement will be as follows:

- The stock of Aston Martin (LON: AML) will be deposited into the account of the Referrer

-The Apple Store gift card is an e-voucher, which will be sent by email

-Wellcome supermarket coupons will be sent by post

6. Relatives and friends must enter the registered mobile phone number of the Referrer in the promotional code area during account opening, so that the Referrer can receive the relevant rewards.

7. New Client means a person who did not maintain any trading accounts with the Company on or before 13 Nov 2021.

8. This activity is limited to clients in Hong Kong and must be 18 years old or above.

9. If there is any conflict or discrepancy between the Chinese and English versions, the English version shall prevail.

10. The above promotional offers can only be obtained if the above conditions are met during the specified promotional period and cannot be used in conjunction with another promotional offer. For details, please contact our customer service team, hotline: 852-3588 0489.

11. In case of stock rewards, if the value of stocks falls or becomes worthless due to any corporate actions of the issuing company or other reasons, the Company is not liable for any liability or compensation, and clients must bear the risks associated by themselves.

12. If any stock rewards cannot be distributed normally due to external reasons, including stocks being suspended or even delisted by relevant exchanges, the Company will not make any assurance or assume any responsibility.

13. The Company reserves the right to amend, suspend or terminate the above promotional offers and terms and conditions at any time without prior notice to clients. All these are subject to the Company's absolute discretion and interpretation.

14. The mailing information is subject to the information provided by the client. The Company will not be responsible for any loss of mail or return of the mail due to any errors or omissions made by the client.

15. The use of Apple Store gift card/Wellcome supermarket coupon is subjected to the terms and conditions of the issuers. It cannot be returned, exchanged for other gifts or cash. If it is lost, damaged or defaced, the Company will not re-distribute or replace it and will not assume any responsibility.

16. The Company is not the issuer of the gift card/supermarket coupon. If you have any enquiries or complaints about the gift card/supermarket coupon, please contact their issuers directly. The Company will not be responsible for the quality of the gift card/supermarket coupon or service or be responsible for the consequences of using the gift card/supermarket coupon or service.