Promotional period

From 9 December 2022 (9 December inclusive)

New Clients Welcome Offer

We are offering 2.88% p.a. interest on uninvested cash balance and HKD $200 Wellcome supermarket voucher to our new clients from 8th December.

Rewards 1 - 2.88% P.A. interest on uninvested cash balance with HKD & USD

New clients who complete online opening of Global Margin Account in Magpie Securities Limited and make a one-off initial deposit of at least HKD $10,000/ USD $1,400 during the promotional period.

As long as the cash balance in your securities account reaches HKD $10,000/ USD $1,400, all cash balance within ‘Maximum interest-earning cash balance’ is entitled to the interest rate of 2.88% p.a.

Cash balance threshold to get interest $10,000 $1,400
Annual interest rate 2.88% 2.88%
Maximum interest-earning cash balance $1,000,000 $125,000

Rewards 2 - HKD $200 Wellcome voucher

New clients who successfully open a Global Margin Account during the promotional period will be regarded as “Eligible Client” and will receive HKD $200 Wellcome supermarket voucher. We will send out an email for rewards entitlement to “Eligible Client”.

【T&C】New Clients Welcome Offer - Get 2.88% p.a. interest and earn HKD $200 voucher