Are there any fees for withdrawals to non-Hong Kong banks?

The transfer will be made by Telegraphic Transfer and the handling fees are HKD 300/USD 39 or equivalent.
The fees charged by the client’s bank shall be borne by the client.

What should I pay attention to when withdrawing money to a non-Hong Kong bank?

  1. Provide SWIFT Bank Identifier Code (BIC) for all the withdrawals
  2. Please ensure that all information you provide in withdrawal instruction is clear, complete and accurate as any incomplete or insufficient information given may result in the withdrawal instruction being delayed, rejected, or returned by the correspondent and/or beneficiary bank with chargesimposed. Magpie Securities accept no responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by any person arisingout of such rejection, return and/or delay.Any charges imposed by the correspondent and/or beneficiary bank shall be deductedfrom the withdrawal amount.
  3. No cancellation is allowed once the withdrawal is confirmed, otherwise all risks and losses shall be borne by the customer.
  4. Funds will be remitted within 1-3 working days after applying for withdrawal. All provided information are subject to checking by the correspondent/beneficiary bank based on local regulatory requirements and as a result remittance may be delayed and take longer time to process.

Other Notes

• Withdrawal to USA Banks
  - Provide Fedwire Routing No. (9 digits).
  - Provide UID No. (6 digits) for payment via New York CHIPS (Clearing House InterbankPayment System).

• Withdrawal to UK Banks
  - Provide Bank Sorting Code (6 digits).
  - International Bank Account Number (IBAN)must be provided.

• Withdrawal to European Union (EU) and EuropeanEconomic Area (EEA) Banks
  - International Bank Account Number (IBAN)must be provided.